Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Hello Beautiful People!

Once upon a time, there lived a girl who loved to stand out among her peers so she designed clothes and wore the prettiest of clothes. One day, there was a ball in the land and among all other girls she was crowned the best dressed maiden of them all. After that day, with her tiara on her head, she gladly made other maidens look as trendy as herself and she lived happily ever after. The end!

Okay, for real, this is true! lol.

Here’s introducing Priscillia Okpan, the Owner and Creative Director of Kim Dave Designs, a women’s wear fashion label. Priscillia studied Microbiology at the University of Benin and yes, she did love to dress up and won an award for the best dressed female which made her take a closer look into fashion…what she found intrigued her. Told you this was a fairytale, lol.

Priscillia took a foundation course in fashion at Martwayne Fashion School in Lagos and went on to start her label, Kim Dave Designs. At the time, the name of the label was called ‘Colour-Me-Design’ but she soon decided on a change and by combining both her and her father’s name, a brand was born and she was called Kim Dave Design- two generations tied by fashion.

Kim Dave Designs is a fusion of retro and vintage style with a modern twist. Priscillia and her team of young and passionate designers take pleasure in making trendy designs and telling stories with each and every piece and collection. At the moment, the brand is working on a new collection called Omotena which means 'girl' in the Urhobo language and the collection is aimed at celebrating African mothers!

So, why do I love this brand besides the obvious? Kim Dave Designs is not only dedicated to glamming up her ‘beautiful’ clients as she calls them but she is also dedicated to giving back to the women and children in her community. On February 14th of this year, the Kim Dave Design team visited the Faith Orphanage, Awka, Anambra state and shared some love.

Before I leave you to pictures of Kim Dave Designs, you should know that Kim Dave Designs in collaboration with other designers and business owners will be at the Designers Marketplace which holds every first Saturday from 12 pm to 7 pm  at City Park, Wuse 2, Abuja, so if you are in Abuja be sure to go to the ‘Powerful Quad’ stand for some trendy clothes and accessories – buy, buy and  buy some more!

Kim Dave Designs

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Twitter: Kiimdave
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Mobile: 07060456352
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  1. i'm in love with KIM DAVE already....i love it when people give back to the community...

    1. Yes, there is nothing better than giving back...we are a product of the community after all.

    2. really nice...really nice. love the creativity. Keep up the good work urself Miss Edewor