Friday, 30 December 2011


Hi friends!

Not forgetting that the apple shaped figure has a wider upper body and narrow lower body and sometimes tend to have big stomach, these same females have much envied bust and lovely legs. The goal of this shape is to create a proportional body. So how do we do this?

Starting from the top, you are to wear fitted but not clingy or tight blouses. Make sure the blouses you wear have shape (slight indentation at the waist) and are not looking like a box because you need to give everyone the illusion that you have a waist line. Also, make sure to avoid round necks because they make your bust look much bigger than they really are and make your shoulder to your bust look very wide, e.g. turtle necks. What you should wear instead is v-necked blouses and blouses with a deep neckline. V-necked blouses make your upper body look narrow and not like some big box.

When it comes to jackets, go for fitted but not tight jackets with v-necks starting from your bust or below your bust. The only time I’ll advise you to wear a round neck or turtle neck blouse is when you are wearing a fitted v-necked jacket or suit on top of it. Lastly, let your jacket and blouses end just above your hip and not on your hip or below it.

Because apple shaped females tend to have big upper arms and upper body, its best to avoid flamboyant sleeves. Be sure to wear moderately puffed sleeves. Don’t go fashionable with puffed sleeves. It’s a bad idea. They will make you look huge. So the Rihanna puffed sleeves you like so much are a big NO! Don’t you dare touch any big sleeve and shoulder pads. This next advice goes to every woman out there complaining about big upper arms. Make sure the shortest length of your sleeves stop at the biggest part of your upper arm. This creates the illusion that your arm is slim. You can go for fitted sleeves that stop just above, on or below your elbow. You can also go for the traditional long sleeves.

Moving on, another way to create a waist line besides wearing a fitted blouse is to use a belt. When wearing skirts, skirts with an a-line or a flared skirt create the illusion of having wide hips like the hourglass and that is a good thing. Try and avoid straight and pencil skirts because they emphasize your small lower body instead of trying to make your body proportional. When wearing jeans trouser, avoid straight and pencil jeans but go for boot cut jeans, that is, jeans with wide bottom.

With dresses, go for empire waist. An empire waist gown is a high-waist gown with gathers just below the bust or nearby and flows down the body disguising the stomach area as well as emphasizes the bust.
On a final note, be sure you get a good bra; it’s one of the keys to looking good. Get a bra with good support and tighten the straps so your bust don’t sag and you don’t complain of back aches. Also, you can wear a girdle bra to hold your stomach or slimming pants. Wear plain and dark coloured blouses and jackets and patterned and light coloured skirts.

Whew! I think have I done my best on this. Here's one of our own apple shaped celeb- Rita Dominic.

Sunday, 13 November 2011


Hi friends,

I know its been awhile and believe me, it was attributed to a lot of things, but here we are once again and its good to be back. Although I'm supposed to continue the flatter me series, I just couldn't go on without sharing a little something from the heart.

Deji and Sandra Kurunmi
Just last week, I was chatting with a couple of friends and I realised that there have been a lot of weddings this year. I'm not talking about people I know or those that I am aware of but in general, everyone knows of about four people that got married or are getting married before the end of the year. Personally, I attended four weddings this year and unfortunately could not attend about five...yeah, I said five...and it may even be more! I guess everyone's falling in love and lines are truly falling in pleasant places. While some of the couples seemed all magical- love at first sight, the others have been long know that story of that couple that started dating since they were in their first or second year in the university? Or the relationship that made us keep our fingers-crossed because the gal graduated from university before the guy.
Andrew and Ogie Obanor

Wedding bells is dedicated to Femi and Gbenro Oshunkoya, Tayo and Agnes Osiyemi, Andrew and Ogie Obanor, Yemi  and Bola Okunogbe, Weyinmi and Jessica kubeyinje,  Tunde and Ose Sanusi, Deji and Sandra Kurunmi and Kelly and Bafor Ibelegbu.

Tunde and Ose Sanusi

Between my last post and now a lot has happened. Most importantly, was the wedding of one of my oldest friend, Ose Ewoigbokan, now Mrs Ose Sanusi.  After promising myself not to ever accept the task of a chief bridesmaid/maid of honour about 3 years ago, once again I found myself without a choice. Besides keeping a smile on the lips of the bride, making her comfortable, running errands and exchanging gifts, I also had to keep my cool… woos ah! I had me no choice concerning that, after all it wasn’t my day. All in all, the 17th of September, 2011 was a memorable day and a glorious occasion.
Tayo and Agnes Osiyemi

Weddings are great. There’s the traditional marriage, the church wedding and the part everyone loves to attend the most, tha reception. There's also the beautiful mixture of laughter and sadness, tears and cheers, food and drink, music and dance, colourful decorations and lightings, good, bad and ugly people socializing and pinging, fancy live band, annoying DJ moments and MC slip ups, maybe some popular music artistes, business moguls, political figures, catching the bouquet and what's a wedding without unexpected events that tend to lead to temper tantrums and of course my favourite part beautiful clothes.

Weyinmi and Jessica Kubeyinje
Love at first sight is easy to understand; it's when two people have been looking at each other for a lifetime that it becomes a miracle- Amy Bloom
God, the best maker of all marriages,combine your hearts in one,your realms in one- Shakespeare
The goal in marriage is not to think alike, but to think together- Robert C. Dodds
(Quotes taken from
Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins- 1 Peter 4:8
May you always remember the love and joy you felt in your heart on your wedding day even in hard times...and may we all gather again and again to celebrate you- Tega Edewor

Kelly and Bafor Ibelegbu
Yemi and Bola Okunogbe

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Flatter Me

Hi friends!

Welcome to the flatter me series. So many people confuse being fashionable with wearing the latest fashion trends alone. Its not everything that you see on the fashion rack that you pay for. Some clothes are meant to remain on-the-rack. We want to look like the Beyonces and Rihannas, or appear like Kanye West or Trey Songz, but sorry to disappoint you,  we all can't pull it off.

In order to turn heads, we need to own what we wear. I am not talking about buying clothes-how you get your clothes is nobody's business-what I mean is owning the look; don't let the clothes wear you but wear them. It's one thing for someone to see you wearing a Rihanna jacket and another thing for the person to say you look good in a Rihanna jacket.

There are different female body shapes and these shapes determine the clothes that will fit perfectly. These body shapes are based on the physical features and overall balance of our body. There are basically four female body shapes: apple, banana, pear and hourglass. The bust, waist and hips are the three inflection points used to calculate these body shapes.

Apple shaped females tend to have wider upper body and narrow lower body. They have a full face and neck, broad shoulders, big bust, big midsection, undefined waist, narrow hips, flat bum and lovely legs. They are also known as the inverted triangle.

Banana shaped females tend to have proportionate shoulders and hips with tiny indentation for their waist. Hence, their shape is also referred to as ruler or rectangle. They have full neck, broad back, small bust, balanced figure (shoulder to hip), undefined waist and great arms and legs.

Pear shaped females have small shoulders and wide hips. They are also referred to as the triangle. Their features include a slender neck, narrow shoulders, small to medium sized bust, defined waist, full hips and thighs and full bum.

Hourglass shaped females have wide shoulders and hips but with tiny waist lines. They have wide shoulders (symmetric to hips), moderate bust, distinctively defined waist, full hips and shapely legs.

Those are the basic features of the female body shape so the next time you look in the mirror, do identify your body shape because the key to looking fabulous starts with knowing yourself. As mentioned earlier on, these are the basic shapes although there may be variations of these shapes. For instance, you may have a slim apple-shaped figure and a big apple-shaped figure but still an apple.

Thanks for reading my blog, for more on the female body shape, especially on their dos and don'ts, keep following my blog for the Flatter Me Series.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Never SAY Never

Welcome friends,
This  is my first time  blogging so don't mind me if  i blab a  little...or all the way.

Warning! This is a fashion related blog. It may contaim writings about my worries or fears, aspirations and inspiration, projects and progress and ofcourse pictures of like manner. Viewer discretion is advised!

I'll start by saying faith is the  substance of things not seen. And what I see in my dreams is what has challenged me to take little steps in my journey to my desired end-not forgetting those that pushed, pulled and kicked me to situp.

Now that is out of the way, I'll tell you a little about myself. My name is Tega aka Ebonii and I am proudly Nigerian. Inbetween my name and nationality is a whole, friends, education, work and church to mention a few. Everything inbetween and surrounding my name and nationality has shaped my thought on life and fashion.

One of my earliest memories is of watching my mom  use old newspapers to make patterns. I don't remember how old i was and had no idea what she was up to but it was fun. There's also my sister that loved drawing and designing clothes every now and then, especially traditional wears she wanted tailors to make for her. They influenced and encouraged me from time to time, and as I grew, my passion for fashion grew even more.

It took time for everyone to get on board with the idea but thank God they eventually did. A friendly call about a month ago give me a kick. Since then have registered my fashion label, designed my logo and I'm currently working on my complimentary card and letterhead.

As I write part of this, i am watching a design of mine come to life. For now I don't sew my own clothes. Its not that I don't know how to but I prefer to leave it to experts in that field. I just design masterpieces. At the moment, its looking good. That's definitely a good thing-trust me when I say so. Tailors can either make or marr you but not an issue for today. Today, I smile. This is the last of five pieces I intend to use for my first fashion shoot next weekend and in a couple of minutes it will be done.

Hopefully, when the shoot is over, I'll show you pictures of all five dresses: a monostrap gown, v-neck pencil gown, a trouser jumpersuit and jacket, a pleated-kaftan and a greecian inspired flowy gown.

To wrap this up, I'll like to give a big thanks to my family for all their support, especially my lil brovaz genius idea to start a blog. And before I forget, a super thanks to Tosin Ogundadegbe for the kick. To everyone out there, don't give up on your dreams; keep improving yourself. Thanks for reading my blog.