Friday, 1 August 2014

Just Fashion Illustrations- August 2014

Hello Beautiful People!

I realized that its been over a year since I actually took out the time to make illustrations. Most times, I either make rough sketches of designs or start out and never finish and eventually, I started feeling like I was forgetting how to draw. I mean, imagine not getting the right curves and postures when drawing by hand and then trying to remember the use of a certain menu on photoshop? Oh, yes, before I forget, my illustrations are finished with the aid of photoshop, but hey, its not because I'm lazy, I just don't have refills for my caran d'ache pencils and letraset markers . Search, search and search again, sorry peeps, I cant seem to find the very first sketch which I did by hand before scanning and finishing on photoshop but here is . . .is . . . my Egyptian Inspired Design welcoming you to the wonderful month of August.